EmC-ICDSST 2019 Conference delegates should book their accommodation individually and directly with the hotels in Madeira.
You can have a choice of booking your accommodation as you wish. however we recommend that you stay close to the central venue of the University of Madeira,  Rectory Building (Colégio dos Jesuítas) in the center of Funchal.


Conference Venue:

The EmC-ICDSST 2019 Conference will take place in the Rectory Building of the University of Madeira, UMA-Reitoria (Colégio dos Jesuítas) in the center of Funchal, Madeira, Portugal.

Location (UMA – Rectory):

UMA-Rectory – Jesuit College of Funchal
R. dos Ferreiros Estrada, 9000-082 Funchal, Portugal

Venue & Hotels Madeira - Map

Some Accommodation Options are given below.

Best Options (close to the conference venue as indicated in the map):

Hotels Madeira - Names


Hotels Madeira Description

IMPORTANT: Notice that the prices indicated above were given to the organization committee of the Emc-ICDSST 2019 at an earlier stage and may not be updated for the time you start your reservation. There is no price agreement between the EmC-ICDSST 2019 conference and the hotels in Madeira. Please check with the hotels directly for their current accommodation prices, before committing to your final choice.